The Pros and Cons of PP-R Piping

Advantages of PP-R Piping

1. The PP-R pipe system is the only plastic pipe system where both the pipe and fittings consist of exactly the same material thereby reducing the chances of failure.
2. Green status can be awarded due to the following:
The system has a life expectancy of more than 50 years.
Product manufactured from crude oil waste(plastic is a by-product)
PP-R is fully recyclable.
Insulation is 35 times better than that of copper thereby making it an energy saving product.
3. Theft: There is no demand as yet for the material to be used in recycled products in South Africa.
Scrap value (when a demand arises) will be in the region of R1-20/kg compared to copper reaching up to R32-00 p/kg. The weight ratio to rand-value does not make this a financially viable theft.
4. All fittings are welded onto the pipe and therefore are not re-usable. The mechanical fittings used on other products, still tempts the thief as the fitting can be re-used or sold as scrap in the case of brass fittings. No alterations (illegal) can be made to piping systems other than by maintenance personnel/plumbers in possession of the fusion-welding tool as no other fittings but PP-R, fits on the piping.
5. Vandalism will be restricted to cutting (hacksaw) or slashing with sharp weapon. The pipe is not brittle (semi-rigid and can handle impact with blunt object), fittings not removable from pipe and vice versa.
6. The Serbco WP PP-R piping system carries the FULL SABS mark and cannot be used in conjunction with any other pipes or fittings that are not PP-R. Other SABS approved products either only consists of fittings or pipe and, if approved as a system, are compatible with other non approved products that make any assurance of quality void.
7. The Serbco WP PP-R piping system carries a ten year product guarantee and sufficient manufacturer insurance to cover any possible defect claims on any project.
8. The Serbco WP PP-R piping system is very cost effect tive compared to other SABS approved systems and when specified, will lead to lower contract pricing and cost saving that can be administered in other departments.

Disadvantages of PP-R Piping

  1. PP-R pipes, like all plastic products, are not for outdoor installation where exposed to direct sunlight. If installations are done as such, the product must be painted with PVA to protect from the sun drying out the oil content present in all plastics.
  2. Additions or repairs to PP-R pipes systems can only be done by making use of a fusion-welding tool.