The Serbco SA PPR pipe system carries the Full ISO Certification and is in accordance to SANS 15874. Serbco SA has a complete local Liability cover and a 10 year Guarantee on our system. Furthermore, we offer our customers more than just a “supplier” service. We do training, COC’s, daily On-site deliveries, Site Inspections and […]

Green Technology

The Serbco SA PPr pipe system has a small Carbon footprint and is fully recyclable, with a Minimum service life of over 50 years. When comparing PPr to other systems such as PEX and Multilayer products, PPr is the hands down winner. – PEX cannot be recycled at the moment as the regrind does not […]

Cost Effective

The Serbco SA PPr Pipe system is one of the most cost effective systems on the market. This is measured by calculating direct installation cost and maintenance of the system in the long term. The price competitiveness increases exponentially as the pipe size increases above 32 diameter pipes. ¬†Due to the affordability of the PPr […]