Green Technology

Green TechnologyThe Serbco SA PPr pipe system has a small Carbon footprint and is fully recyclable, with a Minimum service life of over 50 years.

When comparing PPr to other systems such as PEX and Multilayer products, PPr is the hands down winner.

– PEX cannot be recycled at the moment as the regrind does not thermoplasticise. It must therefore be pulverised and used as a filler in Polyethylene products.

– Multilayer products are tainted firstly, because metal is involved, specifically Aluminium, that requires a huge quantity of energy to smelt and process. Secondly, the bonding method of multilayer pipes prevents recycling, as delamination of the product to recycle is not cost effective.

This means that once PEX and Multilayer products have reached their maximum lifespan, they will be landfilled and not recycled as PPr can. The regrinding of PPr is a very simple process and the product can be used for various second stage goods such as food packaging, carrier bags and all manner of other consumer goods. Many manufacturers claim superiority with Green Technology however, one must be careful to accept everything at face value.

Serbco SA also offers and supply our clients with high quality ISO Pipe Thermal Insulation to ensure installations that are in accordance with SANS 10400 XA.